Sports Federations in 2013: THE VERDICT

I am scoring all Federations for their work this year.

I am scoring all Federations for their work this year.


Today is the D-Day as MasterSports International Limited and Unmissable Incentives Ltd  bring the 2nd edition of the Nigerian Sports Awards. It’s a sign that curtains have fallen on another eventful sports calendar. I have decided on my own, with myself as judge, prosecutor, defender and jury, to discuss and our major sports and their federations one by one and score them for their work (or lack of it).

Success or pass mark would be determined by both on field achievement and boardroom decisions taking into consideration their budgets too. So I will be giving my verdicts on what I will call THE SCORECARD!

Naturally we will score football, track and Field, Basketball, Tennis, wrestling, weight lifting, special Sports and whatever sports you may be interested in knowing about…please just send me a note or mail. We will go deep into the issues, controversies and successes of those sports and give a final score. I will try as much as to discuss all sports in the NSC’s budget….after all if it’s the people’s money being used, the people deserve to know how its spent.

Our Score will be rated as thus:
10- Absolutely Amazing. Please give board more money and keep them for life
9-Impressive. We are proud
8- Doing what you were elected to do. Good
7- Steady management.
6-On the Balance- Need to be revitalized with ideas and people
5- Partly under par mostly rubbish
4-Unimpressive. Waste of Our Money
3- Please Sack them NOW
2-Really? Do they exist?
1-Is it legal to lock them up?Awful


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