Incompetence or more corruption? NSC sends three-man delegation to understudy South Africa

NSC chairman seems at a loss on the direction of Nigerian Sports

NSC chairman seems at a loss on the direction of Nigerian Sport

Just as the National Sports Commission said we did not have enough human resources in our country to run the High Performance Center so they employed foreigners, they have sent three Nigerians to Pretoria for one month to ‘understudy’ South Africa in how to ‘run’ a High Performance center. Well I do not have issues in ‘training’ our people but I will like to ask and clarify…Why South Africa? A country known to be hostile to Nigerians in many ways despite having big businesses here and making huge profits. Are we preparing a High performance center in Rugby, cricket or rowing? We better South Africa in most Sports we compete in, soccer, track and field, Basketball,weight lifting and boxing, has anyone from South Africa come here to understudy us? One month understudy? Who are the people sent there?  The names of the three man team included Dr. Onyeudo, Dayo Ogunkunle and one other physiologist. Are they coaches? Administrators? What are their functions and roles in the NSC? There are lots of questions that need to be answered but the only thing we can assure you for sure is that there was a huge budget, esctacodes were paid and somehow money has changed hands.


2 thoughts on “Incompetence or more corruption? NSC sends three-man delegation to understudy South Africa

  1. It falls somewhere in between. It is the height of maladministration to be sending “carpenters” to go understudying for a “mechanics” job and worst of all is sending them to a place where we are better off in most aspects. But how will millions of dollars leave government coffers to be “shared” if they dont come up wit such “wonderfully ingenious” project. The same reason why they are trying to “sell” the idea of a foreign technical adviser for our eagles even its visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that the person of a keshi is more than enough for the boys? Simple! Cos a keshi’s contract will not leave “room” for the amount to be “shared” by the supposed administrators. It is not a curse,but Nigeria as a nation will never get it right as long as our administrators are ready to do what is right irrespective of “what will be there cut in it”. It sure is a shame of profound magnitude when we have “belle” first kind of administrators running things,this is exactly what we will keep getting. God help us all.

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