NFF owing KESHI….So Bloody What?- NFF President

The NFF never ceases to amuse me. Two days ago, moments after receiving an award as the Sports administrator of the year, the NFF president Aminu Maigari defended his organizations debts owed Super Eagles Coach Stephen Keshi. According to the Vanguard he said:

“Yes we are owing Keshi, so what?” he asked, adding, “but Keshi is not the only employee in the NFF who has not got his salary. We have about 11 national teams and all have coaches. It is only fair that we treat them equally. My management staff have not received their salaries for over a year and nobody is making noise about it.”

He spoke further. “We have to be very careful the way we amplify this Keshi salary issue. If this is unduly amplified we will be downgrading our country,” Maigari said, pointing out that “apart from salary, Keshi doesn’t pay for anything.

“The house he lives in is paid for by NFF, the food he eats is NFF, his movement (transport) is NFF. So what are we talking about?”

I am amused…ok. you give him food, maybe pay his light bills, maybe send money to his wife…but I ask..doesn’t he have a contract. Shouldn’t he be paid? He should be apologetic and sad not flexing muscles. If the NFF were so broke why all the rumours about hiring a foreign coach? Do you think a foreigner would work seven months without pay?

Keshi cannot believe it when Garba tell him he has not been paid for one year.

Keshi cannot believe it when Garba tells him he has not been paid for one year.

Well one truth he said , which Nigerians should know…Keshi is not the only one owed…in fact Keshi is owed for ‘only’ seven months. Its important for journalists to let all Nigerians know that Manu Garba, the Coach of the record breaking , world conquering U17  Golden Eaglets has not been paid for one year. Yes. So Keshi should just keep quiet. Is he the only one haba? Did you notice that Maigari said HIS management staff have not been paid too? He did not say HE has not been paid.

Just thinking aloud.


3 thoughts on “NFF owing KESHI….So Bloody What?- NFF President

  1. I said it we have no leaders in this country but dictators in power no matter how small that power is. So you pay for his food,bills he should be a slave to you and be perpetually broke,you should be ashamed of yourself and the rest of you. Get a foreign coach he will zap immediately.Pay your staff and stop this stupid shameless talk.

  2. Where is the money? And why are they not paid? It’s a shame ,your wages is your right as a worker . Why are things not working well in Nigeria is becouse you have to beg for your own entitlement.
    It a shame that the NFF president will be proud to make such comment, he should shot the F**k up and pay them.

  3. Ofcourse,why should he “make noise” cause of just 7 months salary that’s been owed him. “just” 7 months! This people are not only heartlessly inconsiderate,they are callously inconsistent. The same set o “empty heads” that are toying wit the idea of a foreign coach are coming out to say the federation is broke. How on earth do you come out and say so much gibberish and not bat an eyelid,how can an administrator even have the guts to say it with so much levity as if he were talking to his own “kitchen” cabinet? He makes it sound as if its a norm anywhere in the world for people to be owed months of salary and in the same breath still turns around and says we shouldn’t blow it out of proportion cos it might paint the nation in bad light. I dont think this people listen to what comes out of their mouth. God help us in this country.

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