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I am not a typical blogger….but I do have views and want them to be heard. Especially in sports where we have commentators and opinionist- not an English word please… that come a dime a dozen. I have decided to give real, undiluted, apolitical insights into our sports world because the public deserve the truth. Period! My name is Enee Udo-Obong. I am a two-time Olympian, Gold and Bronze medal winner, sports marketer, manager,administrator, author/writer, analyst, fitness consultant and wellness coach, business(es) owner and philanthropist (on the rare occasions I have some cash.)

Sportswithenee.com will give an unbiased personal opinion and view of world sports especially as it is related to Nigeria. We shall be at events and places live to give you behind the scenes stories also (Some lesser minds call it gossip). But all in all, we will provide a refreshing way in which you see sports reporting and all.

Your comments and mails are vital and encouraged. For all contacts send email to eneeudo@yahoo.com

Stay Blessed


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Great to see people like you are taking up the challenge of educating the public or perhaps enlighten us more, about what is really going on behind the scenes of our sports, am looking forward to agreeing and disagreeing with you in rhetorical dimension lol.

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